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ePosters® are electronic posters presented in large format, multitouch high resolution monitors, designed to achieve a full replacement of paper contents by an interactive digital solution. Benefiting from the cutting edge technology used by ePosters®, numerous advantages are available in our platform such as the inclusion of images and videos, the interactive visualization or the magnification of details and easy searching and reviewing options available by theme, session, author or affiliation. Further, using ePosters means less work for the congress organizers and new sponsoring opportunities: you won´t need to worry about space and posters’ conventional boards; posters will be submitted through a dedicated user-friendly platform and additional promotion opportunities will be available, both at the conference site and on the internet.

In short, ePosters® offer a simple solution for bringing your Conference to the digital age, turning your event and presentations easier to manage, more attractive, informative and on top of all, environmentally-friendly.

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