ePosters | Advantages and benefits

The ePosters solution has many advantages and brings benefits to everyone involved in the conference.

For the authors:
Preparation of the poster by using a pre-defined model and the preferred edition software
Enhanced presentations with the possibility of including videos
Online submission in an easy, quick and secure way
No need for printing, carrying and posting the poster on conventional boards
More attractive, interesting and interactive presentations
Higher work visibility, thanks to the searching options that make it easily accessible

For the event organisers:
ePosters brings the event to the forefront of technology
No need to worry about space and posters’ conventional boards
Better quality of the presentations
Higher impact due to the online availability of conference works before, during and after the event in a simple and atractive format

For the scientific community:
All the posters presented become available online, and in this way the scientific information can be easily accessed and referenced in the literature

For the event professional organisers:
With ePosters the professional organiser offers its clients all the advantages and benefits of the most modern digital technology, making a difference in the service provided and guaranteeing a high satisfaction level;
With no extra effort for the organiser staff

For the sponsors:
ePosters offers additional promotion opportunities, both at the conference site and on the internet, and associates sponsors’ brand with a high-quality technological and environmental image

For the environment:
ePosters turns your event more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, by avoiding the economical and environmental costs of printing conventional posters

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